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Creating Places

for Underwater Discovery

Boreal Discovery Center, Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
Master Plan and Concept Design

To see more on this Aquarium Project, see our Projects page.

Zoo Budapest, Hungary
Feasibility Review

Storyline, Visitors experience, animal welfare and animal management consideration, cost and constructability.


These are exciting and challenging times for 

Aquarium communities. Advances in husbandry and aquarium technology are allowing for new kinds of visitor experiences and improved animal welfare, and people are seeing the water world as they have never seen it before, while pressures from animal rights groups are calling for new standards in working with marine and freshwater wildlife, especially marine mammals.  

Aquariums hold an incredible storytelling power to connect people with global environmental issues and to inspire awe and appreciation of all forms of life on Earth. Zoo Design Inc will work with you to design new exhibits, expansions or to revitalize an older experience to ensure your story delivers. 

"If there is magic on this planet,

it is contained in water."

- Loren Eiseley

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