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Creating Places

for Connection and Exploration

Illustration by Zoo Design Inc



Zoos are complex clients with a variety of challenges. We understand our clients' needs very well through years of experience working with zoological clients exclusively. We design for animal wellness, safety, ease of daily operations, and enjoyment of guests.

Our core team brings to each project decades of zoo project experience in range of $1.5 - $50 mil.  We have the expertise to provide environmentally conscientious, innovative design solutions while ensuring compliance with AZA requirements and building codes and accommodating keeper safety in conjunction with animal welfare.  We are also excited about the opportunity to embrace green and sustainable practices in the development of every exhibit. 

With in-house cost assessment experience specific to zoological facilities, we have the ability to ensure budget compliance during each phase of the project. 

As a full-service zoo design company, we have the skills and expertise to prepare perspective renderings and virtual three-dimensional fly-over animations, assuring excellent coordination of all design and presentation documents and lowering the overall cost of design services.

We are excited to be part of the future of your zoo as a place for people to reconnect with each other, connect with nature, and be major players in protecting biodiversity on Earth.

Despite all their flaws, zoos wake us up. They invite us to step outside our most basic assumptions. Offered for our contemplation, the animals remind us of nature’s impossibly varied schemes for survival, all the strategies that species rely upon for courtship and mating and protecting the young and establishing dominance and hunting for something to eat and avoiding being eaten. On a good day, zoos shake people into recognizing the manifold possibilities of existence, what it’s like to walk across the Earth, or swim in its oceans of fly above its forests [...]”

               ― Thomas French, Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives

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