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We Create Places

for Animals and People

Zoo Design Inc solves and simplifies complex problems to help our clients achieve their goals with a peace of mind. We have been involved in a variety of Zoo design challenges, including design of animals' habitats, holding buildings, master plans, front entries, Zoo shops, restaurants, event rentals, administrative and research buildings, themed playgrounds, an animal hospital, and visitors' experience planning.



Save the World and Have Fun

With background in learner-centered, experiential adult education, we are happy to facilitate on site Zoo Design workshops. We brainstorm and sketch the design ideas of your staff and consider them alongside current trends in Zoo design, enabling you to have more control over future exhibits design and the construction process. 

Design Services


Architecture And Landscape Architecture For Zoos and Aquariums

  • Master Planning

  • Animal Habitats

  • Holding Buildings and Animal Care 

  • Facilities

  • Visitors' experience

  • Cost Estimating

  • Illustrations, Animations, Visualizations



Limitation Is An Opportunity To Be Creative

In today's competitive economy, being different might be your way to success, especially when built on the resources already in your Zoo. We will help you identify the strengths of your facility and collection and find design solutions within any budget at any stage of your project development from master planning to completion and beyond. The focus of this process is to underscore the quality which already is in your zoo.

Design Membership for Zoos

Everybody is talking about it!

Would you like to have a Zoo Designer on hand without having to renegotiate the contract for each job, or contributing to employment insurance? By paying a yearly fee, Zoo Design Inc will provide this service to your zoo or aquarium. 

Different levels of membership are available depending on your unique needs.

With a background in sustainable design we will boost both your resource savings as well as your public image.

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